August 7, 2020

Grant County Herald

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Open up the economy now

To the Editor,

I don’t think there is a magic date of May 18, or Dec 25.

When we re-open our economy, we will see the results of our actions in both economic repercussions and new outbreaks of COVID-19. 

I think the economic hole we have dug is going to be harder to recover from than we can imagine and the longer we wait to reopen our economy, the worse it’s going to be.  At some point, we have to rip the band-aid off, and take our chances  with the virus and reopen our economy.  

Without a doubt, we are fighting a battle on two fronts, damned if we do and damned if we don’t. However, I err on the side of reopening our economy much sooner than later. 

The American population has learned a lot about disease, viruses, and infection that we must use for the rest of our lives. The only benefit I see coming out of the pandemic  is a life style change that must be re-enforced over and over again. I refer to social distancing,  washing our hands, masks, self quarantine,  temperature  checks, etc.  

Americans need to take some responsibility for our own health and follow recommended guidelines  and reopen our economy before it is too late. The U.S. piggy bank is on the thin edge of nothing, deficits are piling up, our national debt is exploding, the stock market is unstable and now even more vulnerable.

It will be a huge error to delay the reopening of our economy beyond  May 18. 

I think delaying the re-opening of our economy until May 18, was a mistake and we should have reopened on May 4.

To delay any further beyond May 18 is completely unconscionable and reckless in my opinion.  We risk business closings, job loss, high unemployment, record foreclosures, inflation, food / product shortages, dollar devaluation, and more.

This is my opinion, and does not reflect anyone’s views but my own.

Bob Epperson

Elbow Lake, MN