April 22, 2024

Sins of the Democrat party

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To the Editor,

Marxist critical race theory propaganda labels whites the oppressor class vs. blacks, the oppressed class, plus other subdivisions to cause strife, division, hatred, and to destroy Christian biblical family cultural values they oppose. In the Soviet Union and China, property and business owners were labeled the oppressor class and others the oppressed class. Many millions were killed in those communist planned upheavals. In Marxist Cuba they even televised their mass executions which were seen by TV viewers in Florida. They used the Supreme Court to ban prayer and bible reading in schools (public), to strike down state laws  against birth control, abortion, sodomy, etc. and are seeking to legalize trans rights and other sexual depravities.

It was the Democratic party that strongly opposed ending slavery, and founded the Klu Klux Klan that committed the many atrocities against blacks; and at a recent convention booed Jesus Christ. Marxist CRT ignores that the first slave owner was Anthony Johnson, a black man; or the first martyr for American independence was Crispus Attucks, a black man; or that several American states were the first governments in history to outlaw slavery because it doesn’t fit their false narrative.They’re causing much division pushing COVID-19 injections that have caused more reported deaths than all vaccines combined; which cause over 80 percent of pregnant women to miscarriage, and many reported heart and blood clotting problems. They’re pushing vaccine passports to travel, shop, be employed, or attend classes, etc. 

Main division is between those who think COVID-19 shots are safe and those who think they are mass murder.

Robert Peterson

Barrett, MN

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