July 18, 2024

Take action to stop global warming

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Citizen’s Climate Lobby

It is the Holiday Season, when we look forward to gathering with those close to us to celebrate our love together.  We are all human, we need someone to love, and someone to love us.  We also all need clean air, water, adequate food, and shelter; we all agree on their importance for the safety, health, and well-being of those we love.  We share these concerns regardless of our age, sex, color, creed, or where we call home.  The protection and care of our loved ones provides meaning for our existence and our actions.  Take a moment and think about how you protect and care for your loved ones… How does global warming affect you and those you care about?  We have used fossil fuels for generations to create our incredible standard of living in the developed world but there is a hidden cost for this energy use that is now coming due with a vengeance.  Burning fossil fuels creates over 110 million tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions dumped into our fragile atmosphere daily; trapping extra heat on our planet and accelerating global warming.  This extra warming that manmade GHG adds to our planet equals the incredible heat of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, exploding four times every single second, every minute, every hour of every day:   (https://crowdsourcingsustainability.org/climate-change-understanding-our-situation-with-analogies/).   This has caused Earth’s current increase of 1.1 degree Centigrade with almost 90 percent of this heat absorbed by our oceans, fueling more deadly, severe weather-related heat waves, droughts, floods, fires, crop damage, and soil erosion.  These changes have caused increased disease, poverty, climate-refugees, and new conflicts globally.   Remember our intense heat, drought, and wildfires in Minnesota last summer?  Recall the deadly heat waves and huge uncontrolled forest fires of the western US and Canada?  The tragic death toll from eastern U.S. hurricanes and flooding?   The heartache and loss from manmade severe weather fueled by global warming from fossil fuels are repeated over and over across our planet including the 12/11/21 tornadoes striking six states: tragedies worsening in severity and frequency.   We expect our rapidly increasing global temperature to exceed the “tipping point” of 1.5 C by 2030 creating self-accelerating and devastating consequences.  Global warming is important to us, and those we love, because we all are threatened by this crisis.  More importantly our children, and future generations, are in rapidly increasing danger as global warming worsens.  You can help protect those you love, but you must act! There are important and powerful climate solutions that can prevent this climate “trainwreck” from happening by phasing out fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy.  To accomplish these goals we must make important national policy changes. Please join Citizens’ Climate Lobby and ask your Senators at (cclusa.org/senate), President Biden (cclusa.org/white-house) and Representative Fischbach (202) 225-2165 to protect our children’s future by pricing carbon with a dividend; creating a self-funding, strong, bipartisan climate solution that saves lives and grows our economy.   Your personal action is an important way to help protect all of our loved ones.

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