June 25, 2024

Time for President Trump to politely bow out

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It is time for Republican leaders to tell President Trump to concede the election, and admit it is over.

I can understand why people voted for Donald Trump in 2016: He was different when we longed for something different in politics. He was brash, and we found that refreshing. He was unapologetic, and we found that uncommon among wimpy politicians.

President Donald Trump has accomplished much to be proud of. He began a dialogue with the secretive North Korean regime, and he helped produce a booming economy.

But his failure to acknowledge and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic crippled that booming economy, and destroyed his chance for reelection. I have no doubt that if President Trump had put 100 percent of his efforts into fighting the virus he would not only be a hero, but the pandemic would be crippled, and he would have been reelected.

But he didn’t, I don’t know, or understand, why. Perhaps his massive ego would not permit him to accept anything was wrong with the country he governed. Perhaps he could not stand any attention being turned away from him.

The reasons for his failure will be a subject of history books, but the fact is he lost his bid for reelection and his continued denial is harming the country. It simply is not patriotic or becoming for a President of the United State to purposely cause such harm.

And the fact that Republican leaders in the Senate support this behavior is appalling. Republican leaders need to lead!

Take your victories and politely bow out, Mr. President. Do it for the country, the world, and your own legacy.

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