May 29, 2024

Volunteers needed to help feed the birds

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I recently received a call from Margaret Chasteen, a resident of the Rolling Hills assisted living facility, in Barrett. Margaret is an avid bird feeder, especially in the winter when the birds really need fuel to keep their tiny bodies warm. She has a couple bird feeders outside her window ,and really enjoys watching the antics of the Juncos, and Chickadees who entertain her during the long winter months.

The problem is Margaret cannot physically get outside to refill her bird feeders.  She is one of many residents of Rolling Hills who feed birds. There are also many residents of the Barrett Care Center who feed birds as well. Most of them cannot do the refilling themselves either. While some have family members who come by once a week, or so, and are willing to refill the feeders, some residents do not. And when the snow gets deep, older family members have trouble even doing that.

What a great volunteer opportunity for a local youth group. The bird seed is provided by residents, all you would have to do is stop by, pick up the seed and refill the bird feeders once a week or even more! You will be working on a noble cause, and learning a thing or two about birds, and perhaps making some new friends.

If you, or your group, are interested in helping to feed the birds, call Margaret at 320-528-4185.

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