May 29, 2024

Vote yes

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To the Editor,

What makes a good school district?  Is it the teachers?  The administration?  The school board?  The students?  The building?  The families?  The community?  In reality, it is all of these things that make up the school district and it takes all of these entities working together in support of each other to make a successful district.  We all want what we believe is best for our students and our towns.  While members of the community may differ on their views, I truly believe we each are fighting for what we believe is best for our students.  

I believe that the WCA School Board has put the best option before the voters with that option being a one-site school.  I know the board has done their research, and looked at all viable options and has decided on a plan that will best meet the needs of our students, staff, and families, as well as will prove fiscally responsible for our school, taxpayers, and communities for years to come.  By voting yes, you will be helping the school fulfill their mission of providing the best learning opportunities for our students in a safe, welcoming environment.  

By choosing to vote yes, you will allow teachers to spend more time in the classroom with their students rather than commute between buildings.  You will allow students to build relationships with peers starting in preschool and allow them to stay with those peers through their educational journey. You will provide staff the opportunity to collaborate with each other to best meet the needs of our students.  You will provide families an opportunity to have all their children in the same location, helping to relieve some of the stress of where each child needs to be.  You will be supporting your communities by choosing a plan that will encourage others to come to our school and live in our towns because their children will receive a well-rounded education.  You will be providing a building that meets the needs of all our students from our youngest learners to our high school seniors.  You will provide an opportunity for students, teachers, and staff to learn from one another and create lasting relationships.

A school district’s main job is to educate our students.  It is our job as citizens of Wendell, Elbow Lake, Barrett, Hoffman and Kensington to support our businesses.  We cannot expect that burden to be placed on a school district.  If you want your towns to thrive, shop local, eat local, and buy from small businesses.  Encourage and trust your city council and county commissioners to find ways to grow your town.  Encourage and trust your school board to be making a decision that supports what is best for students, families, staff, and the community.  Vote yes to help WCA continue their mission and give our students the opportunity they deserve for the best education.  

Courtney Puchalski

Alumni, Parent and Teacher at WCA Schools

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