April 21, 2024

Next up: Xcel! Knights win Section 6A!

Will Rustan makes life uncomforable for Shamp of B-H/V/PP

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The West Central Area/ Ashby/Brandon-Evansville wrestling team are the Section 6A Dual Team Champions after going 3-0 last week. The Knights beat Wadena-Deer Creek 76-0, New York Mills 66-12, and Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 51-21.

Before Team State March 3, the Knights will have the opportunity to send individuals to the Xcel at the 6A Individual Tourney Feb. 26, in Wadena.

Section 6A Quarterfinals

WCA/A/B-E 76

Wadena-Deer Creek 0

The Knights blanked Wadena-Deer Creek 76-0 in the section 6A quarterfinals from Barrett.

The Knight had seven pinfall victories on the evening from Owen Gruchow (106), Mason Richter (126), Shad Swanson (132), Hunter Gruchow (138), Solomon Wales (145), Anthony Sykora (170), and Colton Lindquist (285). Reubens Swanson (152) won a 17-6 major decision, while Ashton Danner (160) and Beau Robinson (182) each won by decision. The Knights had three wins by forfeit. 106: Owen Gruchow (WCA/A/B-E) over James Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 0:55) 113: Carter Lohse (WCA/A/B-E) over (WDC) (For.) 120: Adam  Lohse (WCA/A/B-E) over (WDC) (For.) 126: Mason Richter (WCA/A/B-E) over Jaydyn Kenney (WDC) (Fall 0:29) 132: Shad Swanson (WCA/A/B-E) over Kash Stoecker (WDC) (Fall 0:13) 138: Hunter  Gruchow (WCA/A/B-E) over Madelyn Gallant (WDC) (Fall 0:18) 145: Solomon Wales (WCA/A/B-E) over Grant  Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 4:39) 152: Reubens Swanson (WCA/A/B-E) over Eli Benning (WDC) (MD 17-6) 160: Ashton  Danner (WCA/A/B-E) over Brandon Wheeler (WDC) (Dec 10-4) 170: Anthony  Sykora (WCA/A/B-E) over Seth  Stroeing (WDC) (Fall 3:23) 182: Beau  Robinson (WCA/A/B-E) over Koby  Endres (WDC) (Dec 5-4) 195: Will Rustan (WCA/A/B-E) over (WDC) (For.) 220: Justin  Blascyk (WCA/A/B-E) over (WDC) (For.) 285: Colton  Lindquist (WCA/A/B-E) over Matthew  Wegscheid (WDC) (Fall 0:48)

Section 6A Semifinals

WCA/A/B-E 66

NYM 12

In the semifinal match against New York Mills, the Knights used two forfeits and eight pins to cruise to a 66-12 victory Saturday, Feb. 19, in New York Mills.

Adam Lohse at 120, Mason Richter at 126, Hunter Gruchow at 132, Solomon Wales at 138, Anthony Sykora at 170, Beau Robinson at 192, Will Rustan at 195, and Justin Blascyk at 295 all won by pinfall.

Ashton Danner took a 4-2 sudden victory at 160 pounds. 106: Owen Gruchow (WCA/A/B-E) over (NYM) (For.) 113: Carter Lohse (WCA/A/B-E) over Austin Geiser (NYM) (Dec 7-6) 120: Adam Lohse (WCA/A/B-E) over Slade Doll (NYM) (Fall 1:00) 126: Mason Richter (WCA/A/B-E) over Elijah Geiser (NYM) (Fall 0:18) 132: Hunter Gruchow (WCA/A/B-E) over Jay Mindermann (NYM) (Fall 0:51) 138: Solomon Wales (WCA/A/B-E) over Joe Mann (NYM) (Fall 2:33) 145: Simon Snyder (NYM) over Shad Swanson (WCA/A/B-E) (Fall 0:23) 152: Dane Niemi (NYM) over Ezekiel Sieckert (WCA/A/B-E) (Fall 1:52) 160: Ashton Danner (WCA/A/B-E) over Hunter Rust (NYM) (SV-1 4-2) 170: Anthony Sykora (WCA/A/B-E) over Blake Unger (NYM) (Fall 0:44) 182: Beau Robinson (WCA/A/B-E) over Mason Unger (NYM) (Fall 1:14) 195: Will Rustan (WCA/A/B-E) over Braeden Peterson (NYM) (Fall 3:36) 220: Colton Lindquist (WCA/A/B-E) over (NYM) (For.) 285: Justin Blascyk (WCA/A/B-E) over Sawyer Wedde (NYM) (Fall 1:33)

Section 6A Championship

WCA/A/B-E 51

B-H/V/PP 21

In the Section 6A title match against No. 2-seeded B-H/V/PP, the Knights jumped out to a 9-0 lead after three straight decisions.

The teams traded pins twice before the Knights won seven straight from 145 to 195 to seal the 51-21 win.

Gruchow at 132, Wales at 145, Reubens Swanson at 152, Sykora at 170, Robinson at 182, and Rustan at 195 all took pinfall victories. 106: Owen Gruchow (WCA/A/B-E) over Justin Olson (B-H/V/PP) (Dec 7-4) 113: Carter Lohse (WCA/A/B-E) over Preston Captain (B-H/V/PP) (Dec 8-5) 120: Adam Lohse (WCA/A/B-E) over Bennet Arceneau (B-H/V/PP) (Dec 4-2) 126: David Revering (B-H/V/PP) over Mason Richter (WCA/A/B-E) (Fall 1:26) 132: Hunter Gruchow (WCA/A/B-E) over Deagen Captain (B-H/V/PP) (Fall 2:45) 138: Reese Thompson (B-H/V/PP) over Kolby Peters (WCA/A/B-E) (Fall 1:11) 145: Solomon Wales (WCA/A/B-E) over Holden Truax (B-H/V/PP) (Fall 1:20) 152: Reubens Swanson (WCA/A/B-E) over Abby Ervasti (B-H/V/PP) (Fall 1:59) 160: Ashton Danner (WCA/A/B-E) over Blake Sumstad (B-H/V/PP) (Dec 3-1) 160: Ashton Danner (WCA/A/B-E) over Blake Sumstad (B-H/V/PP) (Dec 0-0) 170: Anthony Sykora (WCA/A/B-E) over Cayden Kimber (B-H/V/PP) (Fall 0:46) 182: Beau Robinson (WCA/A/B-E) over Justin Koehn (B-H/V/PP) (Fall 1:21) 195: Will Rustan (WCA/A/B-E) over Braden Shamp (B-H/V/PP) (Fall 3:06) 220: Gideon Ervasti (B-H/V/PP) over Colton Lindquist (WCA/A/B-E) (Dec 7-4) 285: Hunter Strom (B-H/V/PP) over Tyler Sto

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