April 21, 2024

Racing is a family affair for the Blasycks

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The old saying “Some things run in the family” is definitely true for Jason Blasyck and his sons Brendan and Taylen. Many weekends were spent at the racetrack this past summer.

Jason and Kelly Haack invested in an enduro car in 1989, and raced in Madison. Kelly did most of the driving. When Jason couldn’t afford to keep racing, Kelly bought Jason out on the enduro car for $70.00. After Jason purchased Blasyck Auto Body, he invested in another race car (1B), and started racing again in Alexandria, in 1998. Jason raced up to last year. 

Jason’s son Brendan started racing go-karts at the age of eight. He eventually advanced to a car when he was 16. 

Brendan now races in the Midwest Modified (9B) and is doing very well this year. Jason, and his father Thomas Blasyck, helped Brendan get started and helped out a lot. Now with Brendan on his own on Aug. 8, at Viking Speedway, in Alexandria, Brendan won his heat race and lined up 6th in the feature race and drove around everyone in front of him to take the checkered flag first. 

A week later Aug. 15, he did the same, finished 1st in the heat and started 7th in the feature and took home 1st place. Back to back wins at Viking Speedway making Amanda Blasyck a very proud wife. Amanda is definitely Brendan’s biggest supporter. 

Brendan will have to be watching out for his little brother Tayten (2B) who rolled a Midwest Modified out also this year and getting his feet wet. He also came up from go-cart racing. 

Their sister, Doranna and brother Colton also raced go-carts. You could say for the Blasyck family “racing” is a family tradition.

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