July 14, 2024

Tipsinah Mounds hosts annual Member-Guest tourney

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By Sam Peterson
Grant County Herald

Each summer, Tipsinah hosts a one-day Member-Guest tournament. Four flight champions were crowned in the event on Aug. 1.

The tournament was divided into four flights, and the teams were composed of one member from Tipsinah Mounds Golf Course and one non-member. Brian Shuck and Mike Vipond won the top flight; Sid Christenson and Tyson Pfingsten won the second flight; the third flight went to Andy Clauson and Jon Clauson; Craig Schroeder and Terry Gunderson won the fourth flight, and Ruth Hubbard and Kendra Apelt won the women’s flight.

After the regular play concluded, the top teams from each flight moved on to the shootout round. In the shootout, teams with the highest scores were eliminated on each hole, and the last team standing was declared the winners. Aaron Hanson and Brandon Howe outlasted everyone else and emerged as the shootout champions.

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