May 29, 2024

Update on West Central Area fall athletics

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by JAKE FOSLIEN, WCA Activities Director/Dean of Students

As we continue to plan for the start of the 2020-21 school year, I wanted to update everyone on aspects pertaining to Athletics. Without a doubt, things have been different and may be for some time, but we are going to continue to plan for a return to participation. In doing so, please keep in mind the following items as we move forward:

* The status of fall sports is currently uncertain (as of July 23, 2020). I do not anticipate a decision from the MSHSL about fall sports until early August. Whenever that decision is made, please look for correspondence from me.

* Due to this uncertainty, I am advising no sport registration or payment until we know the status of MSHSL activities for this fall.

* The MSHSL did make a change regarding their pre-participation physical guidelines. If a student athlete has a physical on file that expires anywhere from March 12, 2020 through the 2020-2021 school year, they will be granted a one year exemption. If you have any questions regarding the status of your son’s or daughter’s physical on file, please contact me.

* There is NO live in person player-parent meeting this fall. This meeting will be done in a virtual format and a presentation of this will be posted. When this is completed and posted, information will be sent to families.

* A live stream system has recently been installed in the gym and the football field. Look for more information in the future regarding subscription and accessibility to this system.

* Throughout the past year, a committee of people have been working on a new mascot and other branding marks for WCA. This process is very close to being completed and when it is, look for signage, apparel, and other items.

* All 2020-2021 athletic schedules are open and posted on RSchool. Most are complete, however some will have updates and corrections throughout the upcoming school year.

* Please keep in mind the recent Executive Order regarding face coverings on school property.

Thank you again for your support of WCA and WCA Athletics! Continue to watch for more information and updates in the future.

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