July 18, 2024

WCA/A/B-E wrestling goes 4-2 on the week

Submitted photo (From left) Justin Blascyk, Hunter Gruchow and Anthony Sykora all went 6-0 on the mat last week for the WCA/A/B-E Knights.

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The West Central Area / Ashby / Brandon -Evansville wrestling team closed out a busy end to the week by going 4-2 on the mat.

The Knights went 3-0 at the Barnesville quadrangular Thursday, Jan. 5, in Barnesville. They beat Border West 43-27, Barnesville 63-12 and Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 49-27.

Owen Gruchow at 113, Solomon Wales at 152, Hunter Gruchow at 160, Anthony Sykora at 182, Beau Robinson at 195 and Justin Blascyk at either 220 or heavyweight all went 3-0 on the day.

WCA/A/B-E closed out the week by going 1-2 at the Osakis quadrangular Friday, Jan. 6, in Osakis. The Knights beat the host Silverstreaks 45-28 before losing to Canby 50-19 and Pequot Lakes / Pine River-Backus 42-27.

Hunter Gruchow, Anthony Sykora, and Justin Blascyk all went 3-0 at the quad for the Knights, which are next in action Tuesday, Jan. 10 against Sauk Centre/Melrose and United Clay Becker before hosting United and Wadena Deer Creek Thursday, Jan. 12, in Barrett.

Barnesville quadrangular

WCA/A/B-E 43

Border West 27

106: Evan Dingwall (WCAA) over Drew Sykora (BOWE) (Fall 0:56) 113: Owen Gruchow (WCAA) over Zach Rikimoto (BOWE) (Fall 2:42) 120: Cole Sykora (BOWE) over Tucker McGee (WCAA) (Fall 2:35) 126: Gunner Hennessy (BOWE) over Logan Schmall (WCAA) (Fall 4:33) 132: Peyton Forcier (BOWE) over Sam Olson (WCAA) (Dec 3-1) 138: Eli Larson (BOWE) over Adam Lohse (WCAA) (Dec 10-4) 145: Jude Olson (BOWE) over Kolby Peters (WCAA) (Fall 6:00) 152: Solomon Wales (WCAA) over Ben Pederson (BOWE) (Fall 2:57) 160: Hunter Gruchow (WCAA) over Brody Nachbor (BOWE) (MD 11-3) 170: Patrick Forcier (BOWE) over Jeremy Blascyk (WCAA) (Dec 6-2) 182: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over (BOWE) (For.) 195: Beau Robinson (WCAA) over (BOWE) (For.) 220: Justin Blascyk (WCAA) over (BOWE) (For.) 285: Will Rustan (WCAA) over Andrew Hennessy (BOWE) (Dec 6-2)

WCA/A/B-E 63

Barnesville 12

106: Evan Dingwall (WCAA) over Chase Hauck (BARN) (Fall 1:30) 113: Owen Gruchow (WCAA) over Brock Grabow (BARN) (Fall 1:24) 120: Tucker McGee (WCAA) over (BARN) (For.) 126: Quincy Morey (BARN) over Logan Schmall (WCAA) (Fall 1:38) 132: Sam Olson (WCAA) over Asher O`Brien (BARN) (Fall 2:55) 138: Adam Lohse (WCAA) over Ayden Hauck (BARN) (Dec 7-2) 145: Kolby Peters (WCAA) over (BARN) (For.) 152: Solomon Wales (WCAA) over William Rotz (BARN) (Fall 3:20) 160: Hunter Gruchow (WCAA) over Hunter Blilie (BARN) (Fall 1:51) 170: Cameron Halverson (BARN) over Jeremy Blascyk (WCAA) (Dec 4-3) 182: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over (BARN) (For.) 195: Beau Robinson (WCAA) over (BARN) (For.) 220: Jordan Kroll (BARN) over Will Rustan (WCAA) (Dec 3-0) 285: Justin Blascyk (WCAA) over Tim Wells (BARN) (Fall 4:52)

WCA/A/B-E 49

B-H/V/PP 27

106: Hudson Truax (BHVP) over Evan Dingwall (WCAA) (Dec 6-0) 113: Owen Gruchow (WCAA) over Orran Hart (BHVP) (Dec 10-5) 120: Justin Olson (BHVP) over Tucker McGee (WCAA) (Fall 2:34) 126: Evan Jares (BHVP) over Logan Schmall (WCAA) (Fall 2:30) 132: Bennet Arceneau (BHVP) over Sam Olson (WCAA) (Fall 5:51) 138: Adam Lohse (WCAA) over Tanner Schulke (BHVP) (Fall 1:42) 145: David Revering (BHVP) over Kolby Peters (WCAA) (Fall 3:26) 152: Solomon Wales (WCAA) over Blake Sumstad (BHVP) (Fall 1:48) 160: Hunter Gruchow (WCAA) over (BHVP) (For.) 170: Jeremy Blascyk (WCAA) over Cayden Kimber (BHVP) (Fall 5:26) 182: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Justin Koehn (BHVP) (Fall 1:31) 195: Beau Robinson (WCAA) over Zach Mrnak (BHVP) (Fall 1:02) 220: Will Rustan (WCAA) over Braden Shamp (BHVP) (MD 10-0) 285: Justin Blascyk (WCAA) over Zach Bosman (BHVP) (Fall 4:19)

Osakis quadrangular

WCA/A/B-E 45

Osakis 28

106: Reggie George (OSAK) over Evan Dingwall (WCAA) (Fall 1:25) 113: Owen Gruchow (WCAA) over Ashton Pastian (OSAK) (Fall 0:22) 120: Simon Jacobson (OSAK) over Tucker McGee (WCAA) (Fall 1:49) 126: Zackery Bruder (OSAK) over Logan Schmall (WCAA) (Dec 11-7) 132: Christian Nathe (OSAK) over (WCAA) (For.) 138: Jacob Taplin (OSAK) over Kolby Peters (WCAA) (MD 13-4) 145: Adam Lohse (WCAA) over Tucker Hagen (OSAK) (Fall 2:55) 152: Kale Drevlow (OSAK) over Solomon Wales (WCAA) (Dec 3-2) 160: Hunter Gruchow (WCAA) over Gaven Cimbura (OSAK) (Dec 9-4) 170: Jeremy Blascyk (WCAA) over Raphael Paquay (OSAK) (Fall 1:39) 182: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Kaleb Helberg (OSAK) (Fall 0:23) 195: Beau Robinson (WCAA) over Conner Koep (OSAK) (Fall 2:21) 220: Will Rustan (WCAA) over Preston Kunkel (OSAK) (Fall 1:02) 285: Justin Blascyk (WCAA) over Zachary Winkle (OSAK) (Fall 0:43)

Canby 50

WCA/A/B-E 19

106: Daven VanEngen (CANB) over Evan Dingwall (WCAA) (Fall 2:47) 113: Eli Greenman (CANB) over Owen Gruchow (WCAA) (MD 13-5) 120: Brennan Giese (CANB) over Tucker McGee (WCAA) (Fall 1:28) 126: Clayton Drietz (CANB) over Logan Schmall (WCAA) (Dec 4-0) 132: Sam Drietz (CANB) over Adam Lohse (WCAA) (MD 10-2) 138: Blake Giese (CANB) over Kolby Peters (WCAA) (Fall 1:03) 145: John Doe (CANB) over (WCAA) (For.) 152: Lincoln Fink (CANB) over Solomon Wales (WCAA) (Dec 7-4) 160: Hunter Gruchow (WCAA) over Sawyer Verhelst (CANB) (MD 9-1) 170: Nick Wagner (CANB) over Jeremy Blascyk (WCAA) (Fall 1:05) 182: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Issac Guza (CANB) (Fall 0:11) 195: Sawyer Drietz (CANB) over Beau Robinson (WCAA) (Fall 1:41) 220: Will Rustan (WCAA) over Wesley Verhelst (CANB) (Fall 0:34) 285: Justin Blascyk (WCAA) over Gavin Noyes (CANB) (Dec 5-3)

PL/PR-B 42

WCA/A/B-E 27

106: Trevor Holmberg (PLPR) over Evan Dingwall (WCAA) (Fall 5:15) 113: Parker Zutter (PLPR) over Owen Gruchow (WCAA) (Fall 3:37) 120: Easton Miller (PLPR) over Tucker McGee (WCAA) (Fall 0:41) 126: Tayten Mick (PLPR) over Logan Schmall (WCAA) (Fall 1:20) 132: Sean Kilpatrick (PLPR) over (WCAA) (For.) 138: Adam Lohse (WCAA) over Owen Dabill (PLPR) (Fall 2:02) 145: Brady Ruhl (PLPR) over Kolby Peters (WCAA) (Dec 3-2) 152: Chance Abraham (PLPR) over Solomon Wales (WCAA) (Dec 8-1) 160: Hunter Gruchow (WCAA) over Grant Thompson (PLPR) (Fall 3:44) 170: Earl Stockman (PLPR) over Jeremy Blascyk (WCAA) (Dec 4-1) 182: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Paxton Goddard (PLPR) (Fall 0:08) 195: Beau Robinson (WCAA) over Trey Tuchtenhagen (PLPR) (Fall 0:32) 220: Corbin Knapp (PLPR) over Will Rustan (WCAA) (Dec 3-0) 285: Justin Blascyk (WCAA) over Riley Peters (PLPR) (Dec 3-1)

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